Oversized transportation – demonstration of professionalism

At the beginning of April, Holleman executed an oversized transportation from Ploiesti to Constanta via Oltenita Port. The professionalism of the team dealing with such oversized transportation made things to go by the book, managing to anticipate and prevent all elements which could have made the transportation difficult.

“….we received an order for the transportation of two identical goods for a refinery. The fact that made this transportation more special was the reduction of maximum height of transportation on the road until Constanta”, explained George Nita, general manager of Holleman.

In this context, a combined route was decided, through Oltenita Port. “We agreed with the street service suppliers, ENEL, cable companies, to support us on our way since we had a height of 7 m and a tonnage of 110 tones. We took the parts from a company in Ploiesti, we passed through Albesti-Paleologu, and subsequently we arrived on Bucharest beltway, going from there towards Oltenita. We arranged the special bridge equipped with ramp on the highest level, due to the very high water level of the Danube. We left the goods on the bridge with the help of some hydraulic portals and we performed the lashing. After three days, the convoy arrived in Constanta where also we, in Constanta South – Agigea, executed the transshipment on quay, followed by loading of the parts and fixing them on the ship, also through our care.”

The two ensembles from the convoy had 34 respectively 32 m length, benefiting from a configuration of 9 axes with 72 wheels. We refer to special tow for oversized transportation, which can pull 250 tones each. The configuration of motor vehicles was executed under the supervision of Cristian Georgescu, specialist in configurations of modular trailers and ECO EFECT trainer, specialized on this segment and, also, motor vehicle driver.

Source: Ziua Cargo (Cargo Day), April 2013, Alexandru Stoian