We are specialized in complex project cargo services (door-to-door transportation), that often presume, depending on the selected route, the gauge or weight of such goods, a combination of several types of transportation within the same project: road, maritime, river and/or railways. These projects of abnormal transportation involve specific logistic processes, special planning and coordination and require a significant attention.

Within the framework of such transportations, mainly on international level, it can be the case of moving entire factories, the necessary equipment for a construction site or bringing from several locations the parts of a new industrial investment or even the transportation of a wind park components.

In case of project cargo, the transportation modality is selected depending on the economic and safety criteria and based on the existence of a relevant infrastructure (solid roads, proper access for large volumes or loads, high capacity cranes, Ro-Ro facilities and access to railways).

The accurate planning by Holleman team of every project cargo mission involves both the transportation of actual goods and other complementary services: loading and unloading of the goods with cranes, acquisition of special permits, disconnecting from networks (electric, phone, optic fiber, road infrastructure etc.), civil escorts, police escorts and technical support on route.

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